Another interview for a role

Today I interviewed for a Business Analyst role at SAIT. This is the fourth interview since I actively started looking for a new role. Like the previous interviews it was done via Microsoft Team.

The interview started promptly at 2:00 pm and lasted exactly 30 minutes. I am not sure this interview was my strongest as I seemed to have stumbled on a particular question surrounding methodology/approach to an integration. I simply did not have a methodology and had to take a moment out to consider how I would approach this. I know I will be considering this previous to my next interview!

On my next interview, I might like to have a role description prior to entering the interview, I will have to be even more prepared than I usually am. It is very rare for me to have 4 interviews and not managed to secure a contract. In fact, I do not recall ever having more than three before I have an offer.

COVID-19 is really making a mess of things and there is probably a lot of competition for a very few roles.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on my next steps.

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