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"Live simply so others can simply live." - Mahatma Ghandi

Frequency of Updates

As per usual, the frequency is low but improving! I last posted in February and it is now February … so 3 months? I will give a strong effort on updating more frequently. I played disc golf with a few friends on Friday afternoon. The Dave hosted us at his place for drinks and snacks. […]

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Update Monday

Months go by and then all of a sudden I am inspired to update the blog. Nothing particularly special to say. COVID continues to create confusion and hassle but we, as a society, and I as an individual are coping. Work has been steady for me after a 12+ month gap. Looking forward to staying […]

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Another interview for a role

Today I interviewed for a Business Analyst role at SAIT. This is the fourth interview since I actively started looking for a new role. Like the previous interviews it was done via Microsoft Team. The interview started promptly at 2:00 pm and lasted exactly 30 minutes. I am not sure this interview was my strongest […]

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