"Live simply so others can simply live." - Mahatma Ghandi

XIST Consulting

I have been actively consulting since 2001. I prefer to engage the customer as a Business Analyst.


I have been fortunate enough to get out and explore the world. Feel free to browse through and comment on any of my trips.

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Disc Golf Blog

I maintain a separate blog to track, advertise, talk about one of my two favourite sports. Disc Golf!

Check out the site with more content,

Frequency of Updates

As per usual, the frequency is low but improving! I last posted in February and it is now February … so 3 months? I will give a strong effort on updating more frequently. I played disc golf with a few friends on Friday afternoon. The Dave hosted us at his place for drinks and snacks. […]

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Update Monday

Months go by and then all of a sudden I am inspired to update the blog. Nothing particularly special to say. COVID continues to create confusion and hassle but we, as a society, and I as an individual are coping. Work has been steady for me after a 12+ month gap. Looking forward to staying […]

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Another interview for a role

Today I interviewed for a Business Analyst role at SAIT. This is the fourth interview since I actively started looking for a new role. Like the previous interviews it was done via Microsoft Team. The interview started promptly at 2:00 pm and lasted exactly 30 minutes. I am not sure this interview was my strongest […]

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